Turning Away Work: The Power of Saying No - The Messengers

In this episode of The Messengers podcast, Chris Searles and Rob Seifert discuss screening clients for your business and understanding your market. The most successful companies aren’t the ones that take any business that walks through the door, but ones that know their ideal customer and have the courage to say no to customers that aren’t right for them.

For companies of all sizes, it’s imperative to know your minimums and maximums. Taking a job too small is a waste of resources and biting off more than you can chew will leave you overwhelmed. Efficiency is key.

Chris and Rob discuss jobs that they now turn down that they said yes to early on or struggled with not being able to produce before they learned this lesson the hard way. In particular, they discuss jobs like:

Technical advising
Jobs that are too time-intensive
Jobs that are too big for your equipment
Clients shopping only based on price

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This article originally appeared on Searles Graphics

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