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Search Engine Optimization (SEO) is a tricky beast to master, even in writing this blog post we’re constantly considering what words to use to boost our own Google ranking for when business owners are searching for ways to improve their own SEO.

Google’s (and other, lesser-used search engine’s) algorithm that determines what results will show for a given web search is constantly changing and many of the specifics of that algorithm are closely held trade secrets.

Modern SEO is built upon decades of learning and iterative advancements in serving the optimal result for any given user search.

Throw in Google’s new focus on prioritizing paid advertising over organic results, it gets even trickier to figure out what works best.

In this episode of The Messengers podcast, Chris Searles and Rob Seifert discuss what SEO is really all about, debunk some of the myths that seem to permeate small businesses about search engine optimization, and provide best practices that they implement for their own clients.

They discuss balancing search advertising and organic search results, what you can do to boost your own rankings, understanding what your potential customers are actually searching for and how to beat the competition. They also explain how a consistent content stream, relevant to your searchers’ interests is the most important way to set yourself apart from everybody else.

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